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Melissa Walsh Featured on MSN's Wealth of Geeks Blog

In a recent article about early retirement, Melissa Walsh's comments were featured on

While many people think that early retirement is out of reach, one way to align your goal of early retirement with enjoying your life today is to take an approach of self-advocacy.

Melissa's comments on MSN's Wealth of Geeks Blog included this approach:

"Increase Your Earnings

A lot of tips related to retiring early focus on limiting spending (bananas and saltines for dinner, anyone?).

With my clients, I talk about how the equation to achieve early retirement has three major factors: aggressive saving, mindful spending, and increasing earnings. For many people who want to enjoy life now while also saving for financial independence, increasing earnings is one of the most powerful tools in their toolbelt.

Three ways that I help clients increase their earnings are self-advocacy, entrepreneurship, and side hustling.

Self-advocacy includes directly asking for a raise, taking on high-visibility projects, and exploring career options outside of your current employer. Entrepreneurship is about using your unique set of skills to build your own business that allows you to earn a premium wage and build equity within your business. Side hustling is more than driving for Uber Eats (although that is certainly an option!).

We talk about freelancing, consulting, and project-based work that utilizes your existing skillset and expands your network, all while YOU get paid. "

See the full article about early retirement here: Why Wait Until Your 60s to Quit Working? Here's How You Can Retire Early


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