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Designing Your Financial Future

Fee-Only Fiduciary Advice


We determine your readiness for retirement and construct a retirement income plan. We'll analyze your situation to determine whether any tax, insurance, or estate planning updates that are necessary upon retirement.

Estate Planning

We'll work with you and your estate planning attorney to help you create or update your estate planning documents. If you'd like, we'll join you for each meeting to be a thinking partner for you. If you don't have an estate planning attorney, don't worry- we'll help you find one!

Charitable Giving

We'll help you determine the best source for your annual charitable giving. For some clients, this is writing a check, but for others it may be a qualified charitable  distribution, gifting appreciated stock, or setting up a donor-advised fund. If you'd like to put together a multi-year giving plan, we'll also help you do that!

Investment Management

We'll review your willingness and ability to take risk and put together a recommended asset allocation model for you. We'll select and monitor each investment in your portfolio, seeking to maximize your returns for your appropriate level of risk. We will be sensitive to your tax situation and seek to be as tax-efficient as possible.

Tax Planning

We'll work with your accountant and CPA to determine how taxes impact your financial plan. We are forward-thinking when it comes to taxes, and seek to plan for the long-term by creating tax plans that are flexible and multi-faceted. We will review your tax returns, searching for ways to optimize your tax efficiency.

Education Planning

We'll help you put together a strategy to save for your children's and grandchildren's education. If financial aid is a concern, we'll discuss efficient ways to save for college while retaining the possibility of receiving aid. We'll discuss tax benefits that are available for saving in certain qualified college savings plans.

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