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Media Coverage: Melissa Walsh Featured on Finmasters

In a recent article titled "17 Financial Tips for New Parents", Melissa Walsh was featured with insights that combine her personal and professional experience.

"Expect Extra Expenses

The number one financial tip that I’d give to new parents is to plan for extra expenses in the first year.

Building up a solid cash reserve that can be used for the unexpected can relieve some of the financial anxiety of becoming a parent. You’ll also need to have cash on hand to cover all co-insurance and out-of-pocket medical expenses, as well as added regular expenses like diapers and baby equipment. Having a cash reserve can come in handy for getting the help you need too: babysitters, daycares, and nannies are expensive!

Lastly, we all know that lack of sleep makes it harder to control impulse buying, so a cash reserve can help cover that expensive “miracle sleep solution” you purchased for your little one during a 3 AM wake-up. Having a cash reserve can set you up for success during your first year as a parent and reducing financial pressure can help you sleep better at night… all new parents need that!"

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