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Media Coverage: Melissa Walsh Featured in MarketWatch!

Melissa Walsh was featured by MarketWatch in a recent piece titled, "3 ways practicing gratitude can help your financial well-being this season". The article focuses on links between finances and emotions, and of course, we were thrilled to speak with reporter Andrew Keshner about this important interconnectivity:

" “A focus on gratitude for what we have, combined with optimism and positivity about the future, takes us out of a mindset of scarcity and into one of abundance,” said Melissa Walsh of Clarity Financial Design in Winter Park, Fla.

If someone starts with gratitude for what they already have, that mindset “can lower impulse-based financial decisions, like expensive impulse purchases, because gratitude can take us out of the immediate moment and help us refocus on long-term, values-based decision making.”

It’s a point people should remember especially if they are planning on Black Friday shopping, Walsh added."


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