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Dreaming Big with Your 2022 Financial Goals

Our mission at Clarity Financial Design is to help our clients dream big, plan carefully, and stay focused on their financial purpose so that they can walk their path with clarity. While most of OUR work is helping clients plan, prepare, and focus, today we are highlighting the first element of our mission: dreaming big.

What does dreaming big mean? To us, it means thinking outside the box, utilizing a mindset of abundance and optimism, and specifying our goals with milestones and action steps.

If we haven’t already convinced you of the magic of goals, here are a few reasons you might want to reconsider:

1. Goals tell you where you are, relative to where you want to be: If you know where you are going, you can set milestones that are both challenging and achievable. Small steps are such an important part of realistic and actionable goals.

2. Setting goals allows you to prioritize what YOU’VE decided matters: Identify your financial purpose- what makes you feel fulfilled and satisfied- and pursue these things. If annual travel is important, you may choose to live in a smaller home or work a “side hustle”. If reaching financial independence earlier in life is a priority, you may choose to keep your fixed costs relatively low. If supporting your local community is your purpose, you may seek to join and contribute to local nonprofits through volunteering and financial donations.

3. Goals hold you accountable: Once you’ve decided where you want to go, having regular accountability is a critical element in staying on track. Like a scale for someone on a weight loss journey, monitoring your financial well-being can help you realize how much progress you’ve made. Whether it’s committing to increase your monthly savings amount or just funding an IRA for the first time, staying accountable to what YOU want will keep you on track.

4. Goals allow you to celebrate: And who doesn’t love a good celebration? One of the greatest joys of our role at Clarity Financial Design is witnessing our clients achieve and celebrate their goals! Of course, some big goals take years or decades to achieve. This year, we are advocating for progress goals for all clients. So, think about where you’ve been, where you are going, and what PROGRESS you’d like to celebrate this year. Let’s plan carefully and help you focus on getting there!


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