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Abundance mentality linked to greater financial and emotional well-being.

As we enter the season of gratitude, remember that focusing on the abundance in our lives- be it finances, relationships, time or location freedom, or even the love of a dear pet- can help foster financial and emotional well-being.

A focus on gratitude for what we have, combined with optimism and positivity about the future, takes us out of a mindset of scarcity and into one of abundance. Whether we are hoping for greater financial, emotional, or personal well-being, nurturing a mindset that is open to the possibilities of tomorrow begins with an "attitude of gratitude" for what we have today.

This month on the blog, we'll be exploring charitable giving. With most nonprofits able to accommodate a wide variety of financial gifts, we'll examine smart, tax-efficient ways to donate to your favorite charities.

To kick us off, this article on Oprah's page was a great reminder for me:


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